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Boost your business performance in a wide variety of markets. Our expert team can keep your business operating at maximum efficiency.


Are you communicating the right message to potential clients? We'll help you match your message to the tone of your brand.


Whether it’s restructuring, revamping or you just want to get the wheels of your company turning more smoothly, we're here to help.

Take your business and your life to the next level.

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Why work with us?

Your business is one of your most valuable assets; it’s make-or-break when it comes to income. Countless people depend on its smooth operation. It’s not possible for one CEO to have all the answers, so what can you do when a problem that you haven’t encountered before appears?

Changes to the Market

When you start seeing new or different demands in your target market, it’s time to take action. We’re always keeping track of various markets and will be able to lend you valuable advice. 

New Competitors

We can help you explore your options to maintain your position in the market – even with new competitors threatening your business.

Growth Hacking

Looking to expand your business? We’ll help you explore the various techniques you can employ while staying well within budget. 


Are you leaving money on the table? We’ll help you identify new markets with similar interests to the one you’re currently targeting. 

AMH consultancy

We don’t believe in the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to consulting – where every client is given the same vague advice. We offer you and your business a tailor-made solution that takes your company and people’s individual needs into account. After all, what’s the point in recommending a multi-million-dollar marketing campaign, if your budget won’t stretch that far? We give you the tools to succeed no matter what position you find yourself in. 

founder note

“My years of experience working for myself have lent themselves to AMH Consultancy’s success. After succeeding in different industries overseas and also in Australia at a time when it was said to be impossible, I knew I had to help other businesses find their true strength.”


Engage – Excel – Experience

we provide the best service

Why is our service considered stellar by many? Here’s just a few reasons:

Experienced Team

Our team has decades of combined experience that can be directly applied to your company – no matter the industry. We believe that this relevant experience allows us to navigate you around the common pitfalls that your competition may well find themselves ending up in.

Tailored Results

Marketing is at the very core of our talent. We'll make sure to embrace any opportunity to give your company positive exposure in its relative market. We don't just want to bring you better sales, we want to bring

The Best Market Strategy

We can help you explore your options to maintain your position in the market – even with new competitors threatening your business.

What Our Clients Say

2017 end of the year results

Cesar Hasselmann consultancy was amazing. The coaching program brought me back to then number one office in my area. Our 2017 results speak laughter then anything.
Craig Pickering
Business Developer from Sydney
Cesar Hasselmann 8 weeks program we seen the results that we want and improving the business confidence. I highly recommend AMH Cesar Hasselmann Consultancy Program.
George Pazis
Business Owner from Gold Coast
Cesar Hasselmann AMH brought me balance, life style and a great guidnance to my business. In 2017 we have achieved the Local Agency of the year by REIQ.
Benjamin Kingsberry
Business Owner from Townsville


We can help you explore your business needs and options to fix, grow, adapt, maintain your position in the market – even with new competitors threatening your business. We can help you to build your business to sell. Acquisitions and team building. Get your free Blue Print Consultancy Map below

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